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Mid-Town Instrument Rentals and Repair
RumbleHouse Studio

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Combo Guitar and Bass Amps

Before 1988 there were few places the professional musician could rent the right gear in Chicagoland. Mid-Town opened its doors with the intention to do just that, to provide the inventory and the service to go along with it.

Our inventory consists of gear most widely used by professional and part time musicians alike. We update our gear to accommodate the demands of the industry.

We carry a full line of guitar and bass amps. We also carry electric, acoustic, and bass guitars.

We provide a large selection of professional drum kits and cymbals as well as a variety of percussion instruments.

Our keyboard selection ranges from the Yamaha DX7 to the Motif Models, Kurzweil K2600 to Wurlitzer pianos and Hammond B3 organs with Leslie speakers. We carry digital pianos and can arrange for acoustic grands and uprights.

Turntables, mixers, and CDJs are all available.

Our selection of vintage gear is, at the very least, unusual. And it all works! Due to the age of certain pieces restrictions of use are mandatory.

Take a look at everything and if you have any questions just call, fax, or email us.

Thanks for looking.